We are quality We are quality

We are quality

We know how things can be done better because we understand our work. We are not just supervisors or monitors; we also develop business and working methods. In this way, we offer you know-how that will bring your project unique added value.

Good quality abides by the standards. There are clear guidelines to following standards, but different countries have various ways of interpreting them. Therefore, it is important that the quality controllers have clear knowledge of what can be accepted and what cannot. We know what EN standard quality is and how deviations should be handled. We abide by EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 3834-2 standards in our work.

Jarno Tirronen

IW Solutions client case

Evaporation plan project in china 2016 at Kingsun workshop. Assembly quality control including expansion vessels, pipelines, heat exchangers and internal parts of evaporator

Kingsun, China 2016